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  • We multiply your growth based on data and measurable outcomes
  • Experts in growth, strategy, technology, data analysis, design, and business
  • Extensive experience in the startup world and working for large corporations
  • We adapt to you and your circumstances and commit 100%

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Does it make economic sense to launch my startup into the market at this moment?

Is my website effective enough to convert visits into customers?

In what ways can I increase the Life Time Value of my customers?

How can I improve the performance of my paid advertising?

Where do I start if I want to increase my presence in the digital ecosystem?

How can I better understand and use the data from my website or app?

How can I optimize user growth for my mobile app?

¿Tiene sentido económico lanzar mi startup al mercado en este momento?

Are my competitors better positioned than me in search engines and social networks?

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Paid Media

We design and execute multichannel digital advertising strategies that are measurable and tailored to the unique objective and context of your business.

  • Setup of accounts and auditing of active campaigns

  • Advertising on Social Networks and SEM

  • Continuous optimization process

Growth for apps

Definition and execution of specialized strategies to boost acquisition, growth, and retention of mobile application users.

  • Setup of accounts and analytics

  • Advertising on Social Networks and SEM

  • Control of apps software: AppsFlyer, Segment, Firebase...

Social Media

We transform your social networks into committed communities that propel the growth of your company and become your principal ambassadors:

  • Analysis of your competitors

  • Content plan for your Social Networks

  • Publishing and tracking through dashboards

Web Development

We design and execute multichannel digital advertising strategies that are measurable and adapted to the unique objective and context of your company.

  • Corporate web pages

  • Landing pages focused on capturing leads

  • E-commerce

Web Analytics

We optimize your digital assets to enrich your users' experience and increase conversion rates according to your specific goals.

  • Technical implementation

  • Definition of strategic KPIs

  • Generation of impactful dashboards and tracking


We test the demand for your product or service in the market, your main value propositions, and we estimate (with real data) your main metrics

  • Definition of hypotheses, action plan, and experimentation

  • A/B testing and qualitative analytics

  • UX/UI design

Product Market Fit

We test the demand for your product or service in the market, your main value propositions, and estimate (with real data) your key metrics.

  • Competitor analysis

  • Creation of digital assets and social networks

  • Launch and monitoring

Lead Generation Machines

We develop machines for generating leads, customized and 100% adapted to your business and your goals, enhancing your reach and audience.

  • Simulators and unshakable profiles on your websites

  • Feed your databases to optimize all your sources

Pipeline Optimization

Improve every step of your pipeline, ensuring that each stage is technologically optimized to convert prospects into clients and maximize their LTV.

  • In-depth analysis of your pipeline

  • Implementation of technological changes, UX/UI

  • Monitoring and iteration

We have the perfect plan for you

Why us?

5 main reasons


Technological Advantage: We are part of the Capital Certainty Group, and we have access to top developers that assist in analytics development, integration of tools, or development in key areas crucial for growth.


Optimal Mix Team: A team with business consultants possessing extensive and profound experience combined with marketing specialists, developers, analysts, designers, and access to a broad network of highly specialized freelancers already proven.


Focus on Growth: We help our clients to grow; that is our focus. And for that, we understand the interconnections between various areas that need to be activated to optimize growth.


Proven Experience with All Types of Companies: Both in large corporations and in startups that are just beginning, with in-depth knowledge of some of the most regulated sectors such as finance, health, or insurance.


We Adapt to You: We work with you, and for that, we adapt to your culture and needs, from working with total autonomy to supporting your marketing team. Our model is based on customization.

Growth in User Acquisition and LTV for a Major Mexican Fintech

CHALLENGE: to create a sustainable growth machine, significantly increasing the acquisition of new users and improving the Lifetime Value (LTV) of clients.

ACTION: Implementation of a growth strategy in three phases:

1. Set Up: We establish the necessary foundations for successful growth, including account setup, event tracking for measurement and analytics, auditing of previous strategies, definition of the technology stack, and an in-depth analysis of competitors.

2. Efficacy: We launch the first campaigns through paid media and apply various growth strategies. This allowed us to obtain an initial set of reference KPIs.

3. Efficiency: We optimize our strategies based on the initial KPIs, focusing on maximizing the fintech's objectives at all times. We managed to significantly reduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), achieving a much lower cost compared to the LTV reached.


Users Acquired


Acquisition Cost


Lifetime Value

Recovery and Maximization of Profitability Post-Pandemic at Barça Academy

CHALLENGE: To reactivate the profitability of Barça Academy, the official academy of FC Barcelona in Mexico, following the pause in sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

ACTION: Execution of an awareness strategy and trust generation and recruitment through paid media, social media primarily, and organic content.

1. Awareness and Trust Generation: We focus on assuring families that returning to the academies was safe, also highlighting the excellence of Barça Academy as a sports and educational entity.

2. Set Up and Testing: Once everything is set up, we test different messages, audiences, and mediums to find an effective formula that results in a satisfactory cost per player acquisition for the client.

3. Iteration and Optimization:: We are in a phase of continuous improvement, meticulously adjusting the message and the target audience, based on constant measurement of market response.


In all academies and clinics


Of the target player acquisition cost